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Red Delicious apple export from Iran

red delicious apple with hull in comparison with other fruits, has more advantages and properties. This fruit is full of A and B and C vitamins. Red delicious apple price in Iran is fit for major purchase

Export of fresh and delicious apples from Iran

The sale of Iranian apples has largely begun in online sales at very competitive prices. This apple is one of the products that in addition to high quality and premium, perfectly ideal and classy taste. Immediate and direct purchase of apples produced in Iran is also an ideal opportunity for buyers. An opportunity to see the most appropriate prices because of the absence of restrictions on purchases. Exports of fresh and delicious Iranian apples from Iran to countries around the world have begun, which is a lucrative opportunity

Iran Delicious Red Apple Export

Iran exports its apple to many countries around the world. These products have always been very popular among our customers. Iran produces around 1.4 million tons of Red Delicious apple, exports around 800000 tons of apples to importing countries every year
Most of the Iranian apples exported to Middle Eastern countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey. There is also some interest for the Red delicious apple in Russia and European countries

Iranian red apple packaging for export

In the first steps of packaging apples, they all must sorted by their shape and sizes. Red Delicious apple price depends a lot on the size and the appearance of the fruit. They also have a very delicate skin and react with oxygen really fast
Because of this fact, the boxes must be strong enough to carry their weight and protect them from cuts, bruises. Packages should also aerated. This will cause the least amount of fresh air to be in contact with Apple

PERS FRUIT International Business Complex

Today, the wholesale of Iranian fresh apples is done through specialized companies. Because these providers consider protecting their customers, they offer products that make it easier for different people. With many years of experience in exporting and importing varieties of fruit, PERS FRUIT Company has always been providing the best quality products to our customers

How to order the product

You can order it online if you are connected to the internet
You can visit the head office directly and in person
If you can’t find the two methods above, you can order your product by phone

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Iran – Exports

Red apple export from Iran

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