The PERS FRUIT international fruit company, is among the biggest and most famous Iranian fruit exporter companies active in Iran. We collect fruits from the finest fruit farms in all the states of the Iran country. More than half of the fruits exported by Iran are of the world famous fresh and Delicious and High quality species

Most of the PERS FRUIT company fruits are also from these popular varieties. This company exports its products to many of the countries of the world. Most of the Exports to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries like Russia, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates and the European countries are. The company also works directly to wholesale fruit trading companies and sell them the highest quality fruits directly from Iran

Export of fresh fruit by PERS FRUIT International Company

PERS FRUIT Trading Company is currently dealing in citrus fruits and oranges such as oranges, lemon sour, lemongrass, tangerines, apples, pomegranates, kiwi, grapes, peaches, figs, strawberries, watermelon, melon, cantaloupe, cherry, Cherries, apricots, persimmon, … is working in all countries. If you need export orange, export tangerine, export lemon, export apple, export pomegranate, export kiwi, export grape, peach export, fig export, watermelon export, strawberry export , Cherry export, apricot export, persimmon export, pear export, export to … Contact us

PERS FRUIT Company is one of the biggest and most reliable active companies trading Fresh and tasty fruits in Iran. This company has a lot of the highest quality Iranian Fresh and tasty fruits for import and exports to many countries of the world. The Fresh fruits offered by this company are of the highest quality and the best, found in Iran
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Saveh high quality pomegranate for export - Pomegranate paste Brix 65 - Pomegranate juice - NFC - Pomegranate concentrate Brix 65 - Dried pomegranate seed - Dry quality pomegranate skin - Transparent cold pomegranate oil
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One of the most popular Iranian products in the world is Iranian dried fruit. 5% of the total exports are for export of nuts and dry fruits. Iran has a huge production potential in the dry fruit and nuts sector. PERS FRUIT as a dried fruit company and nuts wholesale offers the highest possible standards of import and export fresh and dry fruits
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