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Iranian strawberry juice

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Strawberries are rightly one of the most popular types of berries. It has many benefits: juicy, delicious, fragrant, rich in vitamins, micro and macro elements. Strawberries support immunity (especially useful for children and the elderly). A small amount of calories makes this berry attractive for the diet. Unfortunately, strawberry season is temporary and vitamins are needed all year round

Its cultivation area in Iran is about 3000 ha and the total production averages about 21 Kt yearly. Strawberry can be grown successfully in different parts of Iran . Also , in the South of Iran (tropical and subtropical regions) , it is possible to produce an out-of-season strawberry crop in the fall and early winter. Strawberry cultivation and production in Iran has doubled in the last two decades. The majority of work on strawberries has been carried out at Shiraz University , Tehran University and at the Kurdistan Agricultural Research Center where the most active centers of strawberry research are found. The adaptation of cultivars, fruit set and quality, hydroponic production, breeding and biotechnology are top subjects that are investigated on strawberry in Iran. In this review a summary of the main findings published by Iranian strawberry researchers in these research fields are presented.

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Iranian strawberry juice -100%pure

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