Iranian red & yellow apple exports

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Iran – Exports

Iran’s largest red & Yellow apple exporter

Apples have always been very popular in different countries of the world and they always account for a big part of the international fruit export markets. Iran is also one of the biggest organic suppliers of apples in the region and the world, and PERS FRUIT is one of the apple exporter in Iran

Besides being one of the world’s most popular fruits, they are also extremely healthy and nutritious. They also grown in most regions and are compatible with different climates and weathers, which made them available and famous for apple exporter in Iran and worldwide. Apples are mostly grown in an organic method in the apple farms in Iran without any chemical substances. Organic fruits have been proven to be more beneficial than the industrial products

Export types of delicious apples from Iran

There are tree apples of all the main three red, green and yellow colors of apples produced in Iran. Also a large part of the apple production in Iran is for commercial purposes. As a result, most of the Iranian apple farms produce apples from the most common and popular apple cultivars

The most common red and yellow apple produced in Iran are from the Red and Golden Delicious cultivars. They account for nearly 60% of the apple production in Iran, but there are red Fuji apples as well. The most common green apples of Iran are also from the high quality and popular Granny Smith cultivar

Iran’s largest red & Yellow apple exporter

Iran is a main supplier of fresh apples in the Middle East, with the annual production of 3.7 million tons, which places the country among the top global producers of the fruit. Many of the Iranian and international companies are active in exports of tree apples from Iran to many different markets

Iran produces large quantities of apples in different states of the country which all have different climates and can produce a wide variety of apple cultivars. Iranian tree apples are also very healthy and full of various nutrients and vitamins. They are a common product in the Iranian and Middle Eastern fruit markets and are always in high demands

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Iran – Exports

Iranian red & yellow apple exports

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