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Saveh, Iran


Persian pomegranate is one of the fruits which packed for good price in different forms of fresh, pomegranate puree, pomegranate concentrate, pomegranate extract, etc Therefore, pomegranate is a product full of nutrients and vitamins
Saveh is actually known as the capital of pomegranates in Iran, and has the perfect climate and farms for producing high quality sweet and sour pomegranates. There are thousands of tons of Pomegranate of Saveh for exports every year


Iranian pomegranate processing products
"Dry Pomegranate Seeds - "Iranian

“Dry Pomegranate Seeds – “Iranian

"Dried pomegranate seeds - "Iranian :How to order the product You can order it online if you are connected to the internet You can visit the head office directly and in person If you can’t find the two methods above, you can order your product by phone

Exported frozen pomegranate seeds

Exported frozen pomegranate seeds Office Address: SAVEH, IRAN

Pomegranate juice for export – NFC

PERS FRUIT Company is one of the leading NFC manufacturers, specialising in their creation of a variety of fruit based beverage solutions. NFC stands for ‘Not From Concentrate’, and With organic certification

dried pomegranate seeds Iranian export

dried pomegranate seeds Iranian export

In the production of Dried pomegranate seeds, every effort is made to provide you with a quality product that meets all international standards Business Manager: Khademzadeh

SAVEH pomegranate for export

Pomegranate paste Brix 65 – export

Natural pomegranate paste, and without any additives, with pomegranate natural properties, produced from SAVEH pomegranates, overfilled of Potassium, phosphor and polyphenol, causes reduction in blood cholesterol Pomegranate paste with natural taste is a high appropriate additive, which can be used as a flavor during cooking

Pomegranate Concentrate - Brix 65 - export

Pomegranate Concentrate – Brix 65 – export

PERS FRUIT co’s pomegranate juice concentrate is a natural and transparent pomegranate juice which normally has thickened for four times, and the brix of Pomegranate juice concentrate, according to the order can be 60 % to 65 And (Has an official organic certificate)


Iranian pomegranate

Iranian pomegranate processing products