Iranian Seedless grape export

Iranian delicious grape for export are one of the main fruits exporte by Iran. Iranian grape varieties exported to more than 70 countries of the world in both fresh and dried form

Iranian delicious grape varieties for export

Grapes are one of the oldest and best known of the cultivated fruit plants grown in Iran and the Middle Eastern countries. Iran is one of the countries that grows grapes for commercial purposes. There are There are some important Iranian grapes
Cultivars like Asgari , Keshmeshi , Shahroudi and Khalili have shown a lot of potential and have a high yield rate. Keshmeshi and Asgari are the most important Iranian grape seeds. Keshmeshi and Asgari are consumed as freshly harvested fresh herbs and raisins
Almost all of these numerous Iranian grape varieties are exported available in international markets

Green Or Red Seedless grapes for export

Red and Green seedless grapes are small to medium in size and are round to slightly oblong in shape. The color of a grape , red or green, can vary widely depending on the conditions of variety and local growth conditions. Their skin is also thin
These conditions made red and green seedless grapes very popular all around the world and a lot of big companies and websites offer them among their products

Persian Asgari grape for export

The Persian grapes are small, round, yellow and sweet and juicy. These delicious grapes are also seedless and are great for low chill, mild winter climates. These grapes best enjoyed fresh and have a lot of other usages as well
Some people also dry them to make raisins, or use their big green leaves to make the Persian dish of Dolmeh. This amazing specie is only one of many Iranian grape varieties, and is sent to both local and international markets

Best Iranian grapes for export

These are the best Iranian grapes: “Asgary” has linear and white grains and because of soft hull it is suitable for fresh eating and not storage. ”Dizmary” grape is precocious and has middle and oval grains and yellowish green color. ”Rishbaba” grape appears in two colors white and red. It matures late in growth season and since has thick hull it can stay in store through winter

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