Iranian Green and golden Kiwi Exports

Green and golden Kiwi

Iran – Exports

Iranian Green and golden Kiwi Exports

Green kiwis have been a popular part of the international kiwi markets over the past few decades, and now there is a new trend which is golden. There are few countries like Iran which produce both of them, but there are many green and golden kiwi exports from Iran every year

Iran also produces and exports these amazing exotic fruits on very large scales, over the international markets

Difference in the quality of Green Kiwi and Golden Kiwi

Difference in the quality of Green Kiwi and Golden Kiwi
Both the green and golden kiwi fruits are rich in many vitamins and minerals and can help the body in many different ways, but there are differences too. Besides the obvious color difference, golden kiwis are generally a little bit sweeter than their green relatives

Their flesh is not also as firm as the green kiwis and is a little bit soft. Golden kiwi is higher in vitamin C, B, and folate in t5he same amount, and makes them healthier for the body’s immune system. On the outside, they look almost the same, but the golden kiwis are a little smaller, and have a thinner shape. There are also quantities of vitamin D in the seeds of both of these fruit

Iranian Green and golden Kiwi Exports

Iran produces around 300000 tons of kiwis in the north which ranks it among the top global producers. Also, the quality of these fruits are amazing, thanks to the perfect climate and the farming methods of Iranians. Iran is also a main supplier of kiwis in the region and has exports to many neighboring countries

The largest part of the Iranian kiwi exported to Middle Eastern and central Asian countries. India is the largest customer of the Iranian kiwis with more than 26% of the total exports

Also, the neighboring countries of Turkey and the united Arab Emirates are large importers with more than 20% of the Iranian exports each. There are also imports from European countries like Russia and Netherlands. Both green and golden kiwi fruits exported from the Iranian farms

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Iran – Exports

Iranian Green and golden Kiwi Exports

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