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Pure and 100% natural juice

100%pure and natural Iranian fruit juices

PERS FRUIT Company is supplier, exporter and wholesaler of Iranian 100% pure and natural juices and Iranian fresh fruits and vegetables such as apple, pomegranate, kiwi fruit, grapes, cherry, apricot, strawberry, melon, lettuce iceberg, tomato, potatos, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage red, Broccoli and bell pepper. Iran is a country with 4 season, so it makes it very variable in terms of production of fruits and vegetables and also other agricultural products. Our company "PERS FRUIT." is here to deliver it's best services for supplying and exporting Iranian fresh fruits and vegetables and Iranian juices to all importers from all over the world. PERS FRUIT Company has supplied different buyers in over 25 countries and we are happy to be at your service this


Fruit juice export - NFC

(Iranian Carrot Juice (100% Pure

(Iranian mixed juice (100% pure

(Iranian tangerine juice (100% pure

juice - exports from Iran - NFC