Frozen strawberry exports

Frozen strawberry exports

Product Description

frozen strawberry
frozen strawberry whole
frozen strawberry dice

iqf strawberry whole

Frozen strawberries puree
Frozen strawberry puree

Selected from fresh and safe raw materials,processed in our reliable factories,supervised by our QC group,so our products are enjoying very good reputations among our respectful clients from many different countries

Physical Description

IQF Strawberries dice should correspond with the definition «IQF», i.е. should be quick frozen fruits with the temperature inside any part of container equal or lower than -180С. Raw materials used should be fresh and of a good quality. As chilling agents one may use nitrogen, air or carbon dioxide only. IQF strawberries should be really individual with no aggregation between each other

Size/count: dice 10*10mm,or as the customer’s requirement
Colour: dark red or light red
Taste: typical of the raw materials, without any off-taste
Packing: 10kg/carton or as per customer’s request
Foreign substance: non existence
Broken pieces: non existence
Metal/glass/plastic/stone/wood/sand/soil or any other foreign body: non-existence
Contamination: pesticides, fungicides, metals in line with import country regulations and National Standards

Storage, shelf life and transporting conditions

Products must be kept at a temperature of minus 18 degrees centigrade (DC) or less to maintain it’s required condition and attain a shelf life of 24 months in unopened packs. Transported also at or under temperature of minus 18 DC

Storage & shipment condition: deep frozen, store at less than -18 DC

How to order the product

You can order it online if you are connected to the internet
You can visit the head office directly and in person
If you can’t find the two methods above, you can order your product by phone

Contact PERS FRUIT Trading Group

Business Manager: Khademzadeh

Mobile: +989128551801

Mobile: +989025557259

WhatsApp: +989128551801

WhatsApp: +989025557259

Office number: +988642234115


Office Address: Iran


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Frozen strawberry exports

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