Iranian tangerines

Export tangerines from Iran

Iranian tangerines for export traded in various ways. One of the most popular ways to buy and sell Iranian tangerines is through the site. The site provides consumers and buyers with enough information about Iranian tangerines. By providing sufficient information and statistics to the customers, PERS FRUIT Trading Group enables them to purchase their product easily and quickly

High quality Iranian tangerines for export

Tangerine is one of the colder and more fruits that often has a sour and sweet taste but is sweeter and somewhat warm. The major customers for Iranian tangerines are two categories: those who order for export and those who buy this delicious fruit for home use

The quality of tangerines produced in our country is such that it is suitable even for export to different countries around. The production of high quality Iranian tangerines for export has also received much attention. The product intended for export must be of the highest quality and highest quality in order to be worth exporting

Iranian Tangerine online sales

Each fruit has different varieties and named after them and Iranian tangerines for export are not excluded to other countries. The well-known and commercial varieties of North Tangerine can mentioned in the variety that has fascinated the world market

Online sales for Iranian tangerines have found their place and need no special proof and culture. Nowadays, there is a great deal of influence in the field of Iranian fruit trading, online buying and selling, and merchants and merchants from many different parts of the world are finding their desired products. PERS FRUIT Trading also tries to improve its online sales with domestic and foreign traders and knows its mission is to provide the best services in the field of Iranian Tangerine

Iranian tangerines for export at reasonable prices

PERS FRUIT Trading is proud to offer Iranian tangerines for export at very reasonable prices for home and abroad sales. We can be the best supplier of all kinds of this product in your dear country and that is why we can be a very good exporter to neighboring countries

Tangerines produced nationwide due to good soil and excellent climate lead to greater harvesting capacity and are an excellent export category. Harvest time starts in early autumn and harvested by gardeners until early spring In general, cultivable tangerines divided into two major groups

In general, cultivable tangerines divided into two major groups

Northern tangerines
Southern tangerines

Contact us for more information and to buy, export and import this product and its products and to know its prices in different parts of the country

How to order the product

You can order it online if you are connected to the internet
You can visit the head office directly and in person
If you can’t find the two methods above, you can order your product by phone

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Export tangerines from Iran

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