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Export of Iranian “Red – Green” grapes

Iran is the largest producer of grapes in the world with top grade productions every year. Most of red and green grapes are used for fresh consumption as fruit. As a result, the vast majority of them are from the cultivars which are perfect and high quality for exporting fresh grapes

Iranian red and green grapes have so many international demanders with great satisfaction all over the world. All types of Iranian grapes are so healthy due to organic harvesting and farming system. No chemical substances are used in their farming process which is so harmful for our body indeed

Export types of Iranian “Red – Green” grapes

There are more than 600 official cultivars of Iranian grapes which are produced in great conditions and under high supervisions, different climate and soil. The best high quality grapes in Iran are produced in areas with warm and dry climates

Some of the most famous Iranian grape cultivars are “Asgari”, “Rish Baba”, “Shahroud”, “black seedless” and “table grapes” which also come in different colors green, black, red

They are very popular because of the organic harvesting and high quality farming techniques. So they exported to the Middle East and European countries with high satisfaction. Green and red grapes are one of the most popular colors on the international exporting fresh grapes markets

Price per ton of Iranian grapes for export

Generally, red and green grapes price per ton in exporting markets are very different based on the grape size, taste, and the importing country, distance and season productions indeed. In fact, Iranian grapes are for fresh consumption as a result they have higher demand which is so financial. These grapes are large in size and have a sweet flesh

Furthermore, fresh Iranian grapes price per ton depends on the importing country and the transportation costs. The farther the importing country, the higher the transportation costs and the final market prices will be

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Iran – Exports

Export of Iranian “Red – Green” grapes

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