"Dry Pomegranate Seeds - "Iranian

Dry Pomegranate Seeds

Iran – Export

“Dry Pomegranate Seeds – “Iranian

Fresh pomegranate season may have ended, but it’s still possible to cook with these fruits in their dried, spice form

Dried in the sun or with a dehydrator, the pomegranate seeds may be left whole or ground into a powder. Be crushed until crumbly and slightly sticky. It has a deep, concentrated tartness and only a faint hint of the fresh pomegranate’s sweetness

This ingredient is traditionally used in Iran and Middle Eastern cooking, where it may be added to chutneys, stews, tagines, spice rubs, and breads
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“Dry Pomegranate Seeds – “Iranian

Dried pomegranate seeds are used in Iranian and Indian cooking. The seeds are collected from a wild, sour pomegranate rather than the sweeter pomegranate, which is typically eaten freshThe seeds are collected from a wild, sour pomegranate rather than the sweeter pomegranate, which is typically eaten fresh. The seeds are used to add a sweet/sour flavor to , vegetable and legume dishes. The whole seeds are included in some lamb dishes. Usually, you crush or grind the seeds in a mortar and pestle before using, but depending on the recipe, the seeds are sometimes used whole. The seeds are also available ground, but you’ll get more flavor from grinding your own seeds

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Dried pomegranate seeds

Iran – Export

“Dry Pomegranate Seeds – “Iranian

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