"Iranian ''Nectarine

Delicious Iranian ”Nectarine” for Export


Seasonal Availability December to March

Packing 5 kg net trays & bulk 9-10 kg net cartons volume fill
Varieties Trays: 22/25/28/30/33/35/39 & 42’s
Cartons: 54mm/57mm/60mm/63mm/63+mm


Nectarines are delicious fruit which belong to the Rosaceae family just as plums and peaches. In fact, they are quite similar to peaches in appearance except for the lack of fuzziness on the nectarine skin which is there in peaches. Nectarines grown in warmer temperate region and are also referred to as stone fruits or drupes as they enclose a hard seed inside their outer juicy flesh

Known with the botanical name Prunus persica var. nectarina in the research world, nectarines are classified in two groups namely clingstone and freestone. Freestone variety entails those fruits whose pulp separates effortlessly from the seed and are usually preferred for fresh consumption while, the clingstones are the ones in which the fruit flesh holds or clings tightly to the pit and are generally used for canning purposes. The trees have a short life and stretch up to a medium height. It has long, shiny and bright green leaves with lightly serrated margins. Basis the cultivars, the delicate flesh of the aromatic nectarine fruit may have the shades of deep yellow or creamy white with the outer skin having colors like pink, red, white or yellow

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Delicious Iranian ”Nectarine” for Export

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